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The Future of Fashion

For years the world has been dominated by large corporations and multinational brands, but in recent years that has all changed. The fall of the west, economically, changed everything in retail. The focus for customers has become price since they are all tightening their belts, but in the search for cheaper products, consumers are demanding … Continue reading

Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 3 of 4

A unique fashion story Some time ago I shared a post about trends on a popular social networking site and had a number of interesting comments on the article. All were great comments and positive, except 1 which made me both laugh and in all honesty, despair a little. Now usually I’m not bothered about … Continue reading

Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 2 of 4

We’re all individuals! Firstly, as we discussed previously, true uniqueness and individuality actually doesn’t exist. As humans, we long to be part of a larger group, or family of likeminded people through a hobby or some kind of interest. We seek out friends and colleagues who have some common ground so that we can talk … Continue reading

Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 1 of 4

Style can sometimes be mistaken for a theme, and sometimes those who have a particular style can sometimes think that they are true individuals. There are sometimes however, times where themes or trends can become more than a quick trend or evolving seasonal theme. Sometimes they can also mean more to a group than fashion, … Continue reading

So when is a trend NOT a trend?

So when is a trend, not a trend? It’s interesting to note that with the lifecycle of a trend, there is this wave of innovation, then uptake where others start to include it; then mass where at the top of the wave, everyone has that fabric / colour / trim etc…. ; and then the … Continue reading


An era is a period of time. You know that already, but depending on where you are in the world, the 40’s, 60’s or even 90’s mean something different to you all. So why is it that when we talk about an era in a trend capacity, everyone seems to know what you are talking … Continue reading


Sources of trend information vary mainly due to your own industry and I’m sure you’ll know or will have heard of the best ones for you. However many people only consider either websites or books when choosing the ones they need, so maybe it’s a great time to cover some of the many options that … Continue reading

Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter – The Worksheet

This is the worksheet for Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter As you approach a new season and you are doing your preliminary research you can complete these questions to help organise and develop as you design, or if you are looking to sharpen your skills you can complete these questions before the new catwalk … Continue reading

Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter….

There are two types of trend prediction and many of you will have terms that feed into these concepts like fast ‘fashion’ for example. Well prediction in itself can be a little misleading. There are of course themes, shapes, materials and other aspects that can be seen coming a mile off, but have you ever … Continue reading

Move On

The ‘Move On’ process is not really a complicated one, but it’s a cycle that continuously overlaps and of course there are many trends at many different stages at once. The process starts out with an innovation by a designer or a initial trend theme. Whilst they are concentrating on their main catwalk show theme, … Continue reading