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Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 3 of 4

A unique fashion story Some time ago I shared a post about trends on a popular social networking site and had a number of interesting comments on the article. All were great comments and positive, except 1 which made me both laugh and in all honesty, despair a little. Now usually I’m not bothered about … Continue reading

Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 2 of 4

We’re all individuals! Firstly, as we discussed previously, true uniqueness and individuality actually doesn’t exist. As humans, we long to be part of a larger group, or family of likeminded people through a hobby or some kind of interest. We seek out friends and colleagues who have some common ground so that we can talk … Continue reading

Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 1 of 4

Style can sometimes be mistaken for a theme, and sometimes those who have a particular style can sometimes think that they are true individuals. There are sometimes however, times where themes or trends can become more than a quick trend or evolving seasonal theme. Sometimes they can also mean more to a group than fashion, … Continue reading

The Biggest Event of the Year!

As we get faster and faster at producing ideas, services and products, people expect more and more. Retailers have to get the latest products faster and the world has more choice than ever before. But as fast as we move and as self-involved we get through the freedom of choice, one thing has never changed, … Continue reading

STERYOTYPES: The Culture controversy

STERYOTYPES: The Culture Controversy Stereotypical themes always make me smile somewhat and I always wonder what people think when they see their ‘culture’ made into a fashion trend. Well as much as you may sit there, scratching your head about the theme and the design elements used, because let’s be honest, I doubt anyone in … Continue reading


If you haven’t read the earlier parts of this article and you would like to, you can click here: PART 1 and PART 2 and PART 3 8: TREND PREDICTION WEBSITES: So I’ve already mentioned sites like WGSN which are specifically set up for trend prediction, but there are other sites where a similar amount of information … Continue reading


If you haven’t read part one of this article and you would like to, you can click here: PART 1 and PART 2   6: TREND PREDICTION MAGAZINES 7: TREND PREDICTION MAGAZINES There are 2 types of trend prediction magazine, hence the double title and one of them might surprise you. The first one is an … Continue reading

The 1 Mistake that ALL Trend Predictors Make

So you are probably saying to yourself that either you don’t make mistakes, or that there must be many. Well of course when you are starting out there will always be a few but these things can be tuned over time. Eventually you’ll learn where to look, what not to be fooled by and how … Continue reading

Move On

The ‘Move On’ process is not really a complicated one, but it’s a cycle that continuously overlaps and of course there are many trends at many different stages at once. The process starts out with an innovation by a designer or a initial trend theme. Whilst they are concentrating on their main catwalk show theme, … Continue reading