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We’re Moving!!!!!!!

Hi Wonderful readers. This is a quick post to let you know at our posts are moving! YAY!! Yes we have our own site now covering all things Fashion Brand Building, including Trend Prediction which is one of my favourite topics. Come on over to the new site and follow along there. Hope to see … Continue reading

The Adaption Problem

Over my years as a designer I’ve worked for all sorts of brands and market levels and regardless of the customer base, there is one reoccurring question I have been asked many times in terms of trends. My customers don’t like fashion or trends, why should I use them? Now the interesting thing here is … Continue reading

So when is a trend NOT a trend?

So when is a trend, not a trend? It’s interesting to note that with the lifecycle of a trend, there is this wave of innovation, then uptake where others start to include it; then mass where at the top of the wave, everyone has that fabric / colour / trim etc…. ; and then the … Continue reading

The Biggest Event of the Year!

As we get faster and faster at producing ideas, services and products, people expect more and more. Retailers have to get the latest products faster and the world has more choice than ever before. But as fast as we move and as self-involved we get through the freedom of choice, one thing has never changed, … Continue reading

STERYOTYPES: The Culture controversy

STERYOTYPES: The Culture Controversy Stereotypical themes always make me smile somewhat and I always wonder what people think when they see their ‘culture’ made into a fashion trend. Well as much as you may sit there, scratching your head about the theme and the design elements used, because let’s be honest, I doubt anyone in … Continue reading

Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter – The Worksheet

This is the worksheet for Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter As you approach a new season and you are doing your preliminary research you can complete these questions to help organise and develop as you design, or if you are looking to sharpen your skills you can complete these questions before the new catwalk … Continue reading

Spotting a ‘Move On’ Skills

So what about the Move On area of trends. Well if you’re not sure what a move on is, then you can learn more about it by clicking here. So to improve your skills: Before you can learn to predict trends, it’s really important to learn from previous seasons so you can start spotting the … Continue reading

The Beginning of Trend Prediction

Hi All. Just to let you know I’ve been trying to let people know we were here as a blog and now that we have a few people following either the blog or our facebook page, ( https://www.facebook.com/TrendPrediction )  now is the time to start. I write most mainly at the weekends, so starting this weekend, I’m … Continue reading