I’m Vicky and I am a fashion designer…….

Now many people will say that they work in fashion but there are lots of different job roles and lots of different levels of design that mean that they do very different things and this varies greatly across the world. Well in a nutshell, here is my experience and background to show you how I have the credentials to write this blog and give you the best information that is behind the fashion industry doors:

  • I trained at the London College of Fashion (it’s actually a university)
  • I have a FDA, FDT and a BA in Fashion Design
  • I am a specialist in Knitwear  (sweater to some people) and Jersey Design
  • I’ve worked in the fashion industry for 12 years.
  • I’ve had my designs featured in almost every high street shop in the UK. I’ve worked for lots of branded labels and some high-end bespoke labels and I’ve had clients across Europe, Asia and the US buy and manufacture my designs to sell in their retail stores.

Now with that all said, how exactly does this make me qualified to tell you anything?

Well some people might think that fashion design is about the design itself. ”Drawing pretty pictures” etc… and they wouldn’t be completely wrong, but actually the design part is only a small part of what we do and actually only my 12 years of experience  from the list above qualifies me to give you information.

A major part of our jobs as a designer, as well as manufacturing, spec sheets and yes….drawing pretty pictures…… is to predict trends. This is the most important stage of a designer’s season, because if the trend prediction is wrong, then everything else that follows will be wrong too and this can lead to a company loosing millions of pounds or dollars. So the prediction HAS to be right…..and luckily I’m pretty good at it 🙂

So yes, I have the qualifications and yes I’ve worked for some major companies like H&M, Topshop,  Marks and Spencer, ASOS and even Red Or Dead and Oliver Spencer, but the experience is what makes me qualified, because if I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t have lasted very long in the business.

Ok so maybe you might want to learn how to do it too?

Well some designers are better than others at trend prediction and I’ll admit that when I said ”luckily” I wasn’t really joking. There is some natural skill involved…. a trained trend eye if you like…. BUT  the experience and refining your skills will help you to develop your skills. It can be taught, learned and the skills sharpened.

I want to break open the Fashion Industry doors and share this information with you. For whatever reason you might be here reading this, whether it’s to find out what the future trends are or to learn how to do it yourself, then sit back and get ready to sharpen those skills.


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