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Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 2 of 4

We’re all individuals!

Firstly, as we discussed previously, true uniqueness and individuality actually doesn’t exist. As humans, we long to be part of a larger group, or family of likeminded people through a hobby or some kind of interest. We seek out friends and colleagues who have some common ground so that we can talk about and discuss those interests we share in common. People who we can share experiences with us or participate in sports or music as a team. We love to be part of something and share our views, beliefs and inspirations or achievements and as time has progressed, with social media, this has become far easier to do.

We are influenced in our language, music, loves, hates and many other elements of ourselves through the influence of these groups of people by being around them an absorbing their beliefs, language and views. The most common example of these things are in language. There are many times in our lives, where we meet people who make a particular exclamation about something, or have a particular expression that they use, and by hearing it often, sometimes we start to use it ourselves.  Our close relationship with this person means that their behaviour and language can become our own and in the same way, our own language and behaviour will rub off on them also. We are influenced on many levels by others and also influence others on a day to day basis. Have you ever worn an outfit and someone has asked you ‘’Where did you get that?’’. If you answered them and the item was accessible to them, you have probably influenced them into buying their own item. Your simple choice of clothing, has influenced another person to buy the same item.

So it makes sense that although we consciously need to be an individual, subconsciously, we make choices that are influenced by others and are not truly unique.

There is also a contradiction in terms when thinking about trends for those who are either unique or have individual style. Those who wish to be truly individual would by definition, not follow a trend. A trend is an inspirational starting point for a wider group of people, but to someone unique, a trend would never apply.

This was the second of a four post series and will continue for the next post discussing Ridiculous argument from a commenter and finally The trends for greater good……… For part 1, click the link below.

Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 1 of 4 – Introduction

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