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Styles Vs Trends Vs Unique 1 of 4

Style can sometimes be mistaken for a theme, and sometimes those who have a particular style can sometimes think that they are true individuals. There are sometimes however, times where themes or trends can become more than a quick trend or evolving seasonal theme. Sometimes they can also mean more to a group than fashion, goods or household items. They can be a social change, a political statement, a religious viewpoint or an evolution of society.

In this first of four posts, I want to introduce a wider concept of trends. A more generational theme that can change a city, generation or even a country.

Now depending on your age, you may have seen or experienced the moment when a teenager starts to experiment with their style. They might align themselves with a particular music style, or want to be someone they idolize. Well if you were about during the 90s, grunge music made droves of teens start to wear worn out clothes, dark make up, leather studded jackets, check shirts, a lot of denim and all with messed up hair and generally just a grungy appearance, literally. Well if you haven’t seen any pictures of Madonna in the 80’s, I’d suggest you have a look, or maybe think about how this influenced a new generation of emo kids who basically mixed grunge with a bit of metal/rock fashion. My point, for the most part, is that each of those teenagers who find their own look, their own individual fashion, believe that they are truly unique. In their group of friends or small community, they might be individual, but the lack of individuality becomes more and more obvious when you look at a large number of that group together. The individuality that they are trying so hard to create; that everyone so desperately tries to find, isn’t actually unique. The shock factor really doesn’t exist. By being part of a group or aligning yourself with a music genre, political cause or hobby, puts you into a camp, a group with other like minded people who also gain their style inspiration from exactly the same sources. What you believe is truly unique, sadly is not.

Now you might be wondering why I’m talking about this in a trend prediction post and you may not even consider these events in history as trends. Well I’m sorry to say that you would be wrong, and there are two important elements of these trends that I hope you will come to agree, can cause a larger implication for those of you would either want to create trends on a larger scale or with some greater cause in mind, or those who wish to create trends for the individual person.

This was the first of a four post series and will continue for the next post discussing Individuality and why it doesn’t actually exist. Then a  Ridiculous argument from a commenter and finally The trends for greater good………

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