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Fashion Trends just aren’t for everyone! Well that’s the biggest load of ………

Ok so for those of you who don’t know. I am a specialised knitwear designer by day in the retail world. But I also quite like knitting as a hobby so occasionally, I do and attend few knitting shows [we’re talking the hobby one here not trade shows] just to see what’s happening in the yarn world in a non retail sense.

I potter around checking out what’s happening in the world of yarn and stitches and a few years ago now I was on a stand called Twisted Angle that provides knitting patterns with a trend based edge and I have the biggest trend prediction smack in the face that you could ever experience.

Now I’m standing there, got the whole ‘pitch’ down, but I’m not a pushy seller, so this woman arrives and I’m hearing lots of ooohs and ahhhhhhs as she is peering around the stand. She’s stroking the sample garments that were hanging up and looking intensively at the walls with images on them and just taking it all in….

Fantastic I thought, this one should be fairly easy. She’s loving the stuff……. ”Are you OK there” I ask ”Do you need any help”

She replies telling me all about how much she loves the clothes hanging up and is interested in the company but wants to know exactly what is that we do. So of course I’m ready with all of my memorised speeches and I start off telling her about the patterns and the site and ideal of the company etc etc….

Well then I say the ‘F’ word…………… That’s right FASHION!

And as I’m continuing on my little speech, almost immediately she says,

 I’m going to stop you there. I’m not interested in fashion at all

So I’m a little confused and I jump in with something stupid and very unprepared like. ”Oh right well I’d love to get some feedback. Is it for a particular reason or……” [you can tell I’m not in sales right!]  and she simply looks at me and says…

I just don’t do fashion. Fashion isn’t for everyone!

And she walks off……as I say ”enjoy the rest of the show” behind her in a rather confused voice. So I think about it for a minute, because I had just been trend slapped and two things cross my mind.

1. Does the word ”fashion” suddenly mean that your eyes no longer like the patterns? Before fashion….love them/after fashion hate them. Yes that makes complete sense to me #confused_face

And the second and far more explosive one…….. What the hell do you mean it isn’t for everyone? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life! Your food is fashion, your yarn colour is fashion! The next toothbrush you buy is fashion! That has to be the biggest load of ……  #angry_face and at this point my friend seeing this cog turning brain face suggests that I go and get a drink for us both.

Let me explain why it IS for everyone however you might think that it isn’t. The word itself means a ”trend” fashion is trend, a passing phase of popular items/colours/materials etc etc…. EVERYTHING you buy, consume, places you go to, things you wear, buy even the car you drive and the area you live in is part of trend or fashion. We are constantly reminded of it by friends, family, facebook!

If you buy anything in retail, the reason that it is there is because of a trend somewhere. Apple created an iphone which then made all of the other phone companies compete for sales, they created a trend and now we all have the latest smartphone……. ta da a TREND a FASHION. The latest restaurant that you tried was recommended to you by a friend, which was recommended to them by another friend, creating a localised trend. The reason that when you go into a charity shop or thrift shop if you’re in America, that those things are in there is that they are no longer fashionable. They are no longer a trend!

As this woman walked away I noticed that she was wearing a black lace dress. Nothing overtly fashionable, no accessories or cool bag, no she definitely doesn’t shop at Topshop for the latest fashion trends, but the whole reason that she could walk into whatever shop that she bought it in was that when she bought it, lace was a trend. It may have been adapted for that market level, that customer if you like and designed to suit their type of customer, but it was inspired by a trend. I also noticed that she had an iphone, which had only just been released at the time……. Oh really!

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