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Spotting a ‘Move On’ Skills

So what about the Move On area of trends. Well if you’re not sure what a move on is, then you can learn more about it by clicking here.

So to improve your skills:

Before you can learn to predict trends, it’s really important to learn from previous seasons so you can start spotting the themes as they come through. So a great way to do this is to pick a previous season’s collections. You should already know what trends will be popular for that season. You can find loads of pictures on the internet via sites like Vogue or Style and these sites will also tell you what key trends will be popular too.

So pick one trend. Just one, don’t try to do too many at once at this point. Usually the trend pages on sites like Vogue and Style will tell you what designers were showing that particular trend. If you’re short of time then look through these designer’s clothes for that season. Don’t look at the pictures that are with the trend report, you want to look through each full collection. Just go through the pictures and see how they have included the trend you chose.

Now go back to the season before the one you chose and see if there are any designers that are doing the same things. Now if you have a season after the one you chose, do the same thing here too.

The important thing to note is just how the trend has moved from the first initial stage to the popular season and faded out in the third one or sometimes even forth. Note how many designers have used the trend, how the colour palette changes per season and if you want to take this a step further, if any retailers have focused on it as a key trend. [An easy way to do this is just a simple Google search and look at the amount of images.]

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