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Fashion Trends just aren’t for everyone! Well that’s the biggest load of ………

Ok so for those of you who don’t know. I am a specialised knitwear designer by day in the retail world. But I also quite like knitting as a hobby so occasionally, I do and attend few knitting shows [we’re talking the hobby one here not trade shows] just to see what’s happening in the yarn world … Continue reading

Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter – The Worksheet

This is the worksheet for Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter As you approach a new season and you are doing your preliminary research you can complete these questions to help organise and develop as you design, or if you are looking to sharpen your skills you can complete these questions before the new catwalk … Continue reading

Long Vs Short: Length Does Matter….

There are two types of trend prediction and many of you will have terms that feed into these concepts like fast ‘fashion’ for example. Well prediction in itself can be a little misleading. There are of course themes, shapes, materials and other aspects that can be seen coming a mile off, but have you ever … Continue reading

The 1 Mistake that ALL Trend Predictors Make

So you are probably saying to yourself that either you don’t make mistakes, or that there must be many. Well of course when you are starting out there will always be a few but these things can be tuned over time. Eventually you’ll learn where to look, what not to be fooled by and how … Continue reading

Spotting a ‘Move On’ Skills

So what about the Move On area of trends. Well if you’re not sure what a move on is, then you can learn more about it by clicking here. So to improve your skills: Before you can learn to predict trends, it’s really important to learn from previous seasons so you can start spotting the … Continue reading